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Applicazione tubi

Tubes and what are their applications

Tecnofar, the company from the Valtellina region which has been in business since 1973, has always been committed to refining the production techniques of high precision tubes and needles. Thanks to its eleven welding lines, Tecnofar is able to produce tubes from 3 to 76...

Video Tecnofar

Our corporate video

After the new layout and the new website, today we are proud to launch the video starring Tecnofar. As soon as lockdown finished, the company wasted no time and became the set for a day of intense filming, carried out by a famous crew from the...

Nuovo logo Tecnofar

Tecnofar: an autumn full of innovations

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Never was a truer word spoken than when talking about Tecnofar. Founded in Delebio in 1973, the company has, over the years, chosen to react swiftly to the economic crises that have occurred, expanding its production, and...