TecnofarNews A message of well wishes from Piero Dell’Oca
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A message of well wishes from Piero Dell’Oca

I remember when I was a child and schools were closed due to extraordinary events, it was like a party, because we could play football. During this particular year full of shutdowns and bans, we were forced to learn how to stay at home and not to go to work. Unwillingly, students could not go to school and they had to wait until the school system could get ready for new lessons. Workers who could not practice smart working, they had to wait until factories reopened, which for many has not yet happened and for others it will never happen.

This pandemic will be over. Hence my best wishes go to Tecnofar Ltd workers and I also hope that we will be able to fully appreciate what we have, that is often more than we can see or dream. 

May this Christmas give you hope and bring you closer to your family; let us take advantage of this time to take care of our loved ones. 

May 2021 bring you a rebirth and give you back your freedom, which is essence of real life, as we saw. 

Piero Dell’Oca