Tecnofarapplications Tubes and what are their applications
Applicazione tubi

Tubes and what are their applications

Tecnofar, the company from the Valtellina region which has been in business since 1973, has always been committed to refining the production techniques of high precision tubes and needles. Thanks to its eleven welding lines, Tecnofar is able to produce tubes from 3 to 76 millimetres in diameter which can be processed and bevelled according to customer requirements, with hardness levels that can be adjusted through cold-drawing. There is a constant commitment to create products that meet the highest quality standards required by the various sectors in which they are used.

When talking about tubes, it’s difficult to imagine how large Tecnofar’s range of products is and how many uses there are for  them. From the most « ordinary » hydraulic fittings, to automotive engineering, furniture and jewellery, the high precision tubes of the Valtellina company are also used in fields such as precision mechanics, measuring instruments and food machines.
The medical sector is another important field which uses Tecnofar tubes and needles, and it requires products that are accurate to the millimetre and which are reliable in situations where mistakes won’t be tollerated. Another field is that of emerging renewable energy technologies, which need precise and durable tubing for their operations.

To have such a wide range of customers with diametrically opposed requests, the quality of the products must be combined with elasticity and speed of production, and even in this, TECNOFAR excels thanks to its versatile and intelligent production chain which is able to satisfy orders of any type and size.

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