TecnofarNews Customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing and environment: Tecnofar’s aims
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Customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing and environment: Tecnofar’s aims

In the year 2016, Siderweb, the steel comunity, conducted an interesting interview to Piero dell’Oca, the Tecnofar Ltd owner.

On that occasion, Piero dell’Oca talked about the Tecnofar business model and the importance of investing and innovating.

Back in the day

Here is an extract of his interview: “We Tecnofar directly work to order production get rid of warehouse, offering customized solutions based on the clients needs, which we develop together with our clients starting from the prototyping. 

At the end of the study phase and after giving an estimate, we start the production and, in this mechanism, the improvement of our control system and the management can become an additional service also for our clients.

That is possible thanks to type of products, which we treat. Their ways of use are flexible, involving different sectors and it allows us to balance, monitoring the market. Basically, if a sector declines, we intensify the production of another. In that way, the plants continue to work and they do not suffer from any possible slow-down. Obviously, we are directly in touch with the manufacturers and we work in the high quality sectors and it certainly helps and it helps a lot.” 

At that time, an important investment has been made in the Delebio plant, the cleanroom seat, where single-use needles with the Sirio or customer brand have been produced.

 “Today, if we are able to continue to produce wealth, we owe it to the people who believed in our projects”, Dell’oca kept saying. 

Being a producer of wealth has always been fundamental for the Valtellinese company, which is constantly working on the improvement of the quality life for its citizens and environment. 


What has changed since 2016? We have asked the person concerned. Piero told us: “After the reorganization of the Delebio plant, we have created a more comfortable environment for our employees. We have included for instance the canteen and, with other companies in the area, we are working towards establishing a kindergarten. It is increasingly harder for families to balance work and children.  For this reason, we want to do all we can to help mainly women, who are in difficulties and they are very often forced to reduce working hours or even leave their job. We have focused on the environment, improving the environmental impact of our company, so that we can abolish solvents and rationalize the treatment of the wastewater, using a new automated water purifier. Tecnofar cares about the wellbeing of its employees as much as the customer satisfaction. »

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