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Tecnofar: the history of stainless steel

To produce high quality products, Tecnofar uses materials, which meet the highest standards of resistance and that are suitable for different purposes.
That is the reason why the Gordona company uses the stainless steel for manufacturing its tubes, whether it is about cold-drawn or seamless tubes.  

A material that has changed the history of world industry and it has entered into our daily life, but only few people know, that it has an ancient history older than anyone images. 


The invention of stainless steel took place in 1872, when the British Woods and Clark discovered that a piece of chromium added to an alloy of iron and carbon, made this material rust resistance. 

More than 40 years have passed before the stainless steel came on the market. Originally, it was only used to produce cutlery and firearms barrels but since then, this material has been constantly redefined and adapted for any type of use.

As we told, despite the fact that the patent dates back to 1872, a scientist from University College London has recently backdated to the 11th Century the first forging of this type of material. Indeed, Rahil Alipur has found evidence of an ancient alloy of iron and chromite among the remains of a Persian crucible, which shows how arms dealers from that time were already able to produce more resistant lances than those manufactured at that time.  

This theory has been confirmed by a manuscript of the time, which includes a kind of “recipe”, that describes how to produce this alloy but it also mentioned a mysterious compound, which is able to make the steel particularly resistant over time. 

The stainless steel is therefore not only an industrial product that, after years of research, has achieved extremely high quality standards but also a material with a very ancient history, which has left an indelible mark in the ancient cultures, in the economic development until our times where there is the possibility to find it everywhere. 

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